Our Stud Sires

Our Stud Sires are selected on achieving our aims of producing cattle with an emphasis on high 400 growth, structurally sound, soft, feed efficient, highly fertile, quiet temperament and have good carcase traits (meat quality).

Below is a list of some of the main sires we have used over the last year in our R bulls.

Tivoli Capitalist P1

Tivoli Capitalist P25

Dunoon Prime Minister P758

Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15

Millah Murrah Loch Up L133

Millah Murrah Klooney K42

Baldridge Beast Mode B074

Baldridge Compass C041

Baldridge Command C036

LD Capitalist 316

Rennylea Picasso P64


Tivoli Loch Up P56


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