Our Stud Sires

Our Stud Sires are selected on achieving our aims of producing cattle with an emphasis on high 400 growth, structurally sound, soft, feed efficient, highly fertile, quiet temperament and have good carcase traits (meat quality).

Below is a list of some of the main sires we have used in the last three years.

Silveiras conversion 8064 AI SIRE

Growthy bull with high 400 growth and exceptional meat yield. Millah Murrah and Wattletop Angus Stud’s both have excellent female progeny from this bull. They are large capacity, thick cattle with lots of growth and a desirable medium maturity pattern.

SAV Final Answer 0035 AI SIRE

SAV Final Answer
A great bull. We are using this bull for calving ease while maintaining exceptional shape. A very reliable and predictable breeder backed up by accuracy in his figures.

Braveheart of Stern NZE1217000784 AI SIRE

Good functional NZ genetics that is currentlysiring some of the top bulls in the last 2 seasons. He is a popular bull with a good amount of thickness.

Millah Murrah Equity E123 AI SIRE

High growth bull with exceptional 400 day and 600 day growth figures. He has lots of length and great meat coverage. A little low in IMF and high in cow maturity figures. He has been breeding really well for us when matched to medium maturity cows with good IMF.

Te Mania Berkley B1 AI SIRE

We have used Berkley to increase length, calving ease and IMF. He has been used carefully because his genetics indicate the progeny will have a late maturity pattern

Kenny’s Creek Regent G213 AI SIRE

We have some great yearling bulls by this sire out of some Wattletop cows. This bull, owned by Wattletop Angus has excellent shape and length.

Tivoli Docklands K83 TIVOLI SIRE


This bull is an embryo calf out of a very good MillahMurrah cow Y132. His strengths are his low birth weight while maintaining good capacity, meat coverage and structure. He is a great bull to go over heifers.

Millah Marrah Neutron K136 PURCHASED SIRE


Recently purchased bull used as a cover sire this season (2015). A quite and easy to handle bull with exceptional shape on a very good functional frame. He has lots and lots of meat with good IMF figures, suited to cows.

Wattletop Conversion J287 (AI)(ET) PURCHASED SIRE


A beautifully balanced functional bull that is quiet with good shape and exceptional figures. Again, suited to cows. Cover Sire in 2015

Millah Murrah Right Time G269 (AI)(ET) PURCHASED SIRE

G269 is the full brother to the MillahMurrah 2013 sale topper. Sired by BT Right Time 24J. MillahMurrah’s Ross Thompson describes this bull “G257 and G269 are peas in a pod and display depth and thickness with a soft finish. These bulls are bred in the purple to produce to replacement heifers” Yearling bulls by this Sire will be available late this year


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