Our Stud History

The family has been breeding commercial cattle for 25 years. Bulls have been sourced from Brookfield Park, Reiland, Noonee, Patawalla, Wattletop, Dulverton, Te Mania (Walgett Sale) and Millah Murrah.

An expansion of the holding occurred in 2014 with the purchase of neighbouring properties “Woodside”, “Bibbenluke” “Mares” and “Malabar” from Peter and Libby Walker. An increase in the quality and numbers of Angus females occurred.

Commercial heifers have been purchased from two Te Mania herds (The Mole at Warren and the O’Brien’s Walgett) also from Speriby North (Arthur Cox), Wattletop (Locky Rodgers)Millah Murrah heifers and cows were purchased from 3 top commercial producers including Ramanui Holdings Moree and JS Grazing at Injune.

The Stud is based on females from Pattawalla, Millah Murrah, Wattletop, Aberdeen Estates and Kansas. The Stud commenced with the purchase of 7 cows with 7 heifer calves and 9 young females from the dispersal of Sandy Yeates“Pattawalla” Stud at Rylstone in 2012. These females were bred for a number of years with low birth weight and calving ease as dominant traits in Sandy’s selection.

In 2013 four cows were purchased from the Millah Murrah cow sale and embryos have also have also been purchased to increase the genetics from this leading Stud.

Wattletop sold us 50 Stud cows in 2014 after enduring severe drought conditions. A couple of cows and some embryos were added from the Aberdeen Estates dispersal in the same year. A few more cows were added in 2015 from the second Kansas dispersal.

The aim of the Stud is to breed seedstock that are adapted to a range of environments to align with top end markets and be in the top 10 percent of profitable beef production. The cattle must be highly fertile, structurally correct, quiet in temperament and easy doing meaty types with good shape. The females must calve down as 2 year olds and successfully rear a calf each year.


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